Hayfield Homes Development:
OS Parcel 9100 Adjoining And East Of Last House Adjoining And North Of Berry Hill Road Adderbury

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Planning Application - 22/00959/REM

Discharge of Conditions 14 (arboricultural protection), 17 (landscaping), 18 (landscape management) and 20 (air quality assessment) -22/03437/DISC

Partial discharge of conditions 5 (access), 7 (parking), 11 (surface water and foul sewage drainage), 12 (surface water mitigation), 13 (ecological enhancement), 19 (Construction environmental management plan (CEMP) 23 (ground conditions assessment) - 22/03438/DISC

Discharge of S106 Schedule 2, Clause 2.1 (affordable housing) and Schedule 4, Clause 2.1 (training and skills plan) - 22/03439/OBL

Discharge of Conditions 5 (site access arrangement), 7 (parking areas), 11 (surface water and foul drainage scheme), 12 (surface water mitigation proposals), 13 (Ecological Enhancement Scheme), 14 (Arboricultural Protection Scheme), 17 (Landscaping Scheme,) 18 (Landscape Management Plan), 19 (Construction Environment Management Plan), 20 (Air Quality Assessment) and 23 (Land Contamination Assessment) - 22/02736/DISC

Discharge of Conditions 8 (Travel Plan), 9 (Residential Travel Information Pack) and 21 (Archaeological WSI) - 22/02492/DISC

Reserved matters application pursuant to outline planning permission 19/00963/OUT to discharge all remaining reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale). The outline planning application was not subject to an environmental impact assessment - 22/00959/REM

Modification of S106 (19/00963/OUT) proposed amendment to Schedule three - to include wording to enable the Open Space to be managed and maintained by a Management Company - 22/00294/M106

Resubmission of application 17/02394/OUT Outline application for permission for up to 40 dwellings - Appeal Allowed- 19/00963/OUT

Planning Inspectorate - Appeal Decision

Updated CEMP (Construction & Environmental Management Plan - 19 August 2022

Updated Affordable Housing Scheme - 1 September 2022

Revised site layout - 5 September 2022

Materials Plan - 5 September 2022

Addendum to updated CEMP - 8th September 2022

Road Safety Audit - 8th September 2022

Engineer's Response to Road Safety Audit - 8th September 2022

Archaeological Evaluation Report - 16 August 2022

Letter to Residents from Cherwell District Council - 6th of September

Delegated Officer Report  - 12th of November 

Decision Notice  - 12th of November